February 10, 2011

Kohl Vial of Likely Lead Poisoning

I bought this at a vintage clothing store about eight years ago before I learned that lots of kohl has lead in it. So I looked and oh, boy is it ever sparkly, so I'm glad I only used it once. Or twice. Maybe.

So if I did anything really weird about 6 -7 years ago, I'm going to say I was suffering from lead poisoning. Right. Moving on.

There's really nothing I can say to 'sell' this thing. I can't really recommend anyone actually use this kohl. You know, like in your eye.

But as a shelf sitter it's wonderful. It's a pretty terra cotta clay thing that seems to be a travel souvenir from Egypt or some such place. It's got a mass-produced-but-not-high-quality feel to it.

The Kohl Vial of Likely Lead Poisoning is just over 4" tall and 2" wide, and has a tiny mirror on the front. That's so you can see you giving yourself eye cancer. There is a good amount of Kohl left inside, but again, I can't recommend sticking this in your eye.

Probably not safe around children, either.

So yeah, put it on the high shelf.